Rescue 86

2000 4Guys / HME SFO 18' Heavy Rescue

330 HP Cummins

As our department grew, so did the area's demand for a rescue vehicle. From the earlier days of carrying hand powered rescue tools in a Chevy Suburban Squad/Rescue through the later 10' Swab/GMC walk-in rescue, the increasingly large compliment of rescue tools grew along with the area's need for a heavy rescue. In 1998 the department began designing the area's first dedicated heavy rescue apparatus. Delivered in 2000, Rescue 86-3 carries a wide variety of rescue equipment and tools including gas and electric powered hydraulic rescue tools, air bags, rope and water rescue equipment, spill containment materials as well as many types of hand tools, lighting and salvage equipment. The relatively short length and tight turning radius allows for good maneuverability.